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To Love Is To Live
The Energy Field of Love


There is an Infinite Field of energy that surrounds and permeates all things, embodying all existence, both seen and unseen. Some might call this Energy Field the Energy of the Prime, Provider, Source, the Quantum Field, Divine Intelligence, the Universal Mind, the Field of ALL Possibilities or the name most refer to on Earth as, God. This Field is without beginning or end, goes beyond time and space, and consists of pure boundless, immeasurable power and energy, vibrating higher and faster than the ordinary levels of human intellect and awareness can observe, comprehend or really explain. This Field is the Field of Love.

In this formless vibratory Spiritual Field of Infinite Potentiality and Possibility lie all the hopes and dreams of all mankind - where all your desires are already an unformed potentiality waiting to manifest into existence. EVERYTHING - every living thing, every human, etc., exist within this Field, are a part of it, and are connected to it, but most people have lost their natural connection to it because of the ego. The ego is the illusory idea that you construct in your consciousness about who and what you are. It is your ego that keeps you separate from this magnificent Field and makes you unable to access the Field's power to bring you what you desire.

You can take anything you desire from the formless to concrete manifestation simply by reconnecting to this Field. It is when you transcend your ego the “Little Me” and stay in harmony with this Field of Possibility that your desires can and must manifest into existence. I suggest that we all spend time within this Field as we experience these last days here on Earth. Be aware that you are living and breathing within this Field and you are never separated from the power of this Field. It is your decision if you want to work with it, use it, manifest within it, access the power of it, as well as enjoy the “flow” of it.

The Key to access this Field of Energy is LOVE – To Love is to Live! Love is a state of being not a state of feeling. Love goes well beyond the realm of emotions. It’s an attitude of benevolence and kindness towards all creation, including one’s self, at all times and under all circumstances. Love is the most powerful magnetic force in the 2 Universe. It is the doorway from the unmanifest to the manifest and the pathway from the linear to the nonlinear domains. Love is the dynamic force by which the perfection of the physical world was created. Any endeavor that employs the magnetism of Love MUST manifest, because Love’s frequency is a vibrational match to that of God who is the architect of this Creation.

Love is the catalyst by which all good things happen. The effortless way to achieve your heart’s desire is to let go of your attachment to outcomes and results and focus on Love instead. Bring the power of Love to your pursuits and to all the people, relationships, resources and events associated with your pursuits. The outcome you get may be different from what you had in mind, but it will be infinitely better than that which you desired.

Love is a way for you to be as opposed to merely a way for you to act, look or behave. When you give full expression to your loving nature, the people around you will be positively influenced to give full expression to their loving nature towards you, not through your prompting, but as a consequence of being in your vicinity. You attract to yourself that which you emanate. Only what you are not giving is what is lacking. When you remove the obstacles to the awareness of Love’s presence within you, it becomes easy to Love yourself and others as well. When you Love yourself, you project that Love upon the world. The more you Love yourself, the more loving your world becomes and you begin to experience a world of your own creation.

“We don’t see things the way they are. We see them as we are.”
~ Anais Nin ~

Love is and has always been the most powerful currency of the world, yet only a small percentage of people in this world live by the principle of Love. All the great spiritual leaders of the world have embraced this principle and called it “the way” to ultimate fulfillment.

When you switch your focus to Love instead of desires and allow Love to be the under current of all your activities . . .

To Love is to Live. Love is not just something you do. It’s what you are. Love is the attitude of benevolence, reverence and kindness for all creation, including one’s self, at all times and under all circumstances.

Every man, woman and child has Love at the core of their very being. It is every person’s natural inheritance. Love is the essence of who you are. You are first and foremost Love!

You can compare a human being to a computer. The person’s essential nature, which is Love, is the computer’s hardware. This hardware never changes, no matter what software runs on it. The programs that 4 are installed in that hardware by society, upbringing, education, experience and everything else are the software. The software is what’s running in the forefront, and the computer begins to be identified with the programs it runs (what it can do) and not it’s hardware (what it is.) But the nature of the hardware is not affected – it just runs quietly in the background.

This is the same thing with human beings. Love is their true nature, but because the things of the world program them, you only see what they do and not who they are. A human being’s nature (Love) remains unblemished, no matter what behavior they display – no matter what actions they take, what thoughts they think or what words they speak. They still remain as Love in disguise.

Knowing this, it should become easier for you to discern the inherent beauty that resides within each person. When they hurt you, offend you and take advantage of you, youell know that it's a result of the programs they're running and you will be able to perceive them from a place of compassion and see the perfection in their actions - for they are unaware that they are acting unconsciously, oblivious of their true nature.

At some point, a computer could be corrupted by the programs that are running on it, or by other extraneous variables. The hard drive then needs to be reformatted and when that happens and all programs are removed, the computer is again restored to its original, untarnished state. Likewise human beings can get corrupted by the complexities of living life in a World One, but they can easily return to their original untainted state of Love when they choose to abandon their attachments to the ego and things that are obstacles to the realization of their true self. These attachments include jealousy, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, hatred, resentment, envy, stress, depression, etc., or anything that does not foster joy and peace. There are times perhaps during our day that we need to reboot our computer by taking a deep breath and blowing out any undesirable thoughts and when it is turned back on, it will once again be in alignment with its true Divine Hardware.

Most people think Love is just something we do, or something we give and receive, and not something we are. As a result, almost all our desires and aspirations center on getting Love.

It is important to note that just because people seem loving doesn't mean they are in harmony with the energy Field. They may display the outward appearance of lovingness, but it is possible that their loving behavior is motivated by insecurity, fear, a desperate need to be Loved, pity, manipulation or control of others, to extract reciprocity or gain favor, or a host of other things that have nothing to do with Love. There are also some people who are masters at the conspicuous display of generosity and kindness, which may be done for the admiration and applause of people and not born out of genuine Love. And then, of course, there are those who are fundamentally love, but their prevalent thoughts center on low - energy emotions such as shame, anger, guilt, fear, frustration, resentment or judgment. In all of these cases, the individual is not being Love but simply going through the motions of Love, thereby never really connecting to the energy Field.

The opposite of Love is not hatred. It is fear. Love is the natural state when fear is eradicated. Conversely fear is the most common obstacle that keeps us from being aware of Love’s presence within us.

When you are Love, your world is simply a reflection of what you’ve become.

Some Ways to Cultivate and Infuse Your Life With More Love


  1. Have a relationship with yourself based on Love. The most important relationship that needs to be developed before you can expect your relationships with other people to be truly fruitful and free of conflict . . . is the relationship you have with yourself.

    Your relationship with yourself directs the course and determines the success or failure of your relationships with other people. In 6 cultivating a relationship with yourself, because your true self is Love, you are developing a deep connection with the Source of Love, which is The Provider/God (which is the Energy Field I am speaking about.)

    You cannot discover in another person what you can’t first discover in yourself. Whatever you perceive in yourself is what you project upon other people, and by extension, the world. If you see imperfection in others, you are not seeing the perfection in yourself. You know you have found beauty and Love in yourself only when you see beauty and Love in all people, including those who might appear unattractive to others and those who are unlovable.

    The pure, resplendent joy of being Love, and the profound peace that accompanies it, is your true wealth. Perceive each person you encounter as having the same loving nature and computer programming as you. Practice loving those who have hurt or offended you and with whom you have had a reaction to. When you are able to Love all people and all things, you become Love, and you attract to yourself all good things that are a vibrational match to Love.

  2. Give up your lower vibrations “Little Me” and come from your Divine Self “GREAT ME.” Give up not only your pain, suffering, resentment, anger, self - pity, grief, victimization, the feeling of being wronged, being offended, being cheated on, being taken advantage of, but also your personal agenda to manipulate, control, trying to fix things and not seeing the perfection in every experience.

    Let go of all resistance to the "glow of life." Your job is to be in harmony at all times with the Energy Field through Love. Most of all, surrender your fears whenever they arise. Fear is a denial of the existence of the Divine power that resides within you - the Divine Power of which you are a part.

    It is human nature to take a position on anything or labeling anything as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, or something being 7 this as opposed to that. The moment you label a person, event, circumstance or things a being a certain way, you set up a reaction to it. For example, if you label an event as disappointing, you instantly assume the position of resisting the disappointment. It is the ways you have labeled it and the accompanying resistance that cause something to be experienced as disappointment. The moment you surrender your position, let go of your resistance and consciously connect to the Field, that person, event, circumstance or thing ceases to be disappointing. The source of the disappointment stems from the way you see things and label things.

    This phrase was recently shared with me - "Holding a grudge, experience, uncomfortable feelings, caring or thinking about what others are doing, etc., is like letting someone live rent - free in your head." I say send them, or it, a loving "eviction notice" that says, "Blessed with Success" and no longer give them, the experience, or situation any more space in your thoughts and make a new choice of reconnecting to your Love.

    Don't Resist the Flow
    There is a story about a group of Chinese men walking through the woods beside a rushing river. Suddenly, they spotted the body of an old man bobbing up and down in the roaring rapids. Thinking the old man was dead, they ran to the river's edge trying to figure out how they were going to fish the body out of the water so that it wouldn't be swept out to sea. Their discussion came to an abrupt halt when the old man, who they had thought was dead, emerged out of the water, dried himself off and started to walk away. The men ran after the old man and asked, "How did you survive in that water? No one could swim in that water without being killed." "It is really easy," the old man replied. "I just went up when the water went up, and down when the water went down."

  3. Know that everything is As It Should Be – All is Well! In the quest to manifest our desires, we often demand that the world and all the people and things in it be different from what they presently are. We want things to change in order to suit our purposes and fit our idea of order and perfection so we try to fix 8 the world and control others in order to accomplish it. This constitutes resistance to the flow of the Universe. You make a difference in your world not by trying to fix things according to your wishes and specifications.

    At any given moment, everything is as it should be, based on the energy you have sown or not sown. It is all in perfection. Therefore, there is no sense in resisting the way things are. Instead, the way to make the biggest impact on your world is by focusing your efforts on raising your own level of consciousness, being in touch with your true self and being connected to Source.

    Let go of your desire to change people to suit your purposes. Accept the fact that you cannot make people do something they are not naturally predisposed to doing, nor can you cause them to become anyone other than who they are.

    Endeavor to hold all people you encounter in the highest regard, not because of what you hope they can do for you, nor the needs you hope they can meet, or for any reason other than just because you behold their magnificence as spiritual beings whom you treasure and Love far beyond what you perceive as their usefulness to you. Let every thought of them, every word you speak to them, and everything you do for them and with them become totally infused with Love.

    The only way you can make an important difference in people’s lives is by moving yourself into total alignment with yourself, which is Love and by moving all the obstacles which keep you from identifying yourself as being Love.

Love is your true self. Therefore let Love and not your external environment define you. When you are appreciative for all things and infuse everything with Love, you gain something that is exceedingly and abundantly more than you could ever ask, think or imagine. Love is the feeling that all things are smooth and “easy breezy!” Love permeates every thought; action and experience you have with the perfection that it is and it will always support you to give yourself back to your self and be in the true alignment of who you are.

When it comes to the end of our experience here on Mother Earth, you will want to be remembered not by how much you have accumulated, accomplished or endured, but how well you Loved and enjoyed every minute of your time here gathering experiences and rising to the grandest expression of whom you have become. Become fully aware of Love’s presence within you. Discover the greatest joy of all and that is you are Love, have always been Love and will always be Love. Realize that your capacity to Love comes from the Divine Presence within you, and that Love is The Provider’s and God’s way of affording you a glimpse of their unfathomable Love and you will know without a doubt that their Creative Power is available to you every time you choose to LOVE.

When you have figured out your relationship with yourself that you at your deepest core level is Love, you will be constantly aware of your vibrational relationship to who you really are and what you really want. When you guide every thought that you are having, you can mesh with the Wholeness of who you are and that is LOVE. You will be in total alignment!

Be a deliberate thinker - think on purpose - act on purpose - speak on purpose and don't do anything unless you are in alignment to the full expression of who you are, which is Love. Start your day, end your day and throughout your day, say and connect with this concept:

“I am the full expression
of God’s Love and my Divinity.
Just as God is Love, so am I.
I am Love!

White Time Healing Headteacher of Germany fully trained by Channie Cha Centara Ambasatrice for Earth.