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Crystal Light Workshop

Jhadten Jewall, Vancouver, Canada
channeled this system from the Elohim originally and if you go to my link page you can visit his web site.


More information about the Crystal Light Workshop in the way I will present it:

We will use different kinds of tools such as smudging, drumming, singing, chanting, toning, Sweat Lodge, Digeridoo, Tibetan Bells, Tuning Forks, Crystals, Sacred Geometric, Vajras and so on. Of course you are welcome to bring your own crystals and your own tools with you. We will integrate, explore and experience this system through guided meditations and create our Crystal Line Pyramids, the Adam Kadmon. It is preferable to work with a group of minimum 12 people, because than the Elohim will be present and weave the sacred geometry of the 5 dimensional chakras in. We will have a special theme for every workshop and that theme will be something we will heal in ourselves and for Mother Earth. Every group will have the extraordinary experience how it is to work together as one and to really function like one heart, one mind, one body, one spirit.

By living with this system on an every day base and giving many workshops, Monie van Deutekom (see about Angelina) and her assistants got some remarkable information, which also will be given in this workshop. Some of it is shown down below:


Being a God/Goddess!

Caress with your loving attention through the inside of your body! If you wish to make the connection with the grids/webs, stars, matrixes that are shown above in the 17 Chakra Picture, than use your breath. Breath out your love to open the door, to make the connection, breath in the energies of that you made contact with. When you go down into the Earth it is a Silvery Cord, and to go up into the universe it is a Golden Cord. Let your body be the Rainbow Bridge between Heaven and Earth.


1st Lightbody: Earthstar & Soulstar / hexahedron (Earth Element/Dust)

Make the connection with the earth element in your body (dust=physical complains). To feel pain is a call made upon you to send back a sense of well being. Go into the pain, feel it exactly what it does and than try to enjoy it. So transform pain into a sense of well being. Make the connection with your breath to the Earthstar through the Silver Cord. Open all your physic cells and send from every cell a ray of light to the Earthstar and feel the connection. Invite Archangel Gabriel and ask for assistance.
Call your totem animal.

Make the connection with the Soulstar. Feel the warm, golden Sunlight from the Soulstar, which will comfort your body. Everything your physical body needs will be provided by the Soul-Star. Open every cell of your body and send rays of light to the Soulstar. Breath out your love and breath back in the energies of the Soul-Star. Feel the connection.

Ease = comfort and a sense of well being. Dis—ease = discomfort.
Pain is the separation from the dust/earth element.

To live within this consciousness, you will help the lost, the lonely and the confused people around you back to unity, back to oneness with the dust/earth element of Mother Earth and the dust in their body. Let us all take place on our golden Thrown in the center of our heart and let us look at our/their deepest pain impersonally as an onlooker/observer.

Exercise: Go with your whole loving attention to that place where you have pain. Connect that spot with the Earthstar and Soulstar, the first gate under you and the first gate above you. Let these energies stream through and around this spot and let them go again.

Visualize a Cube around this spot and let it spin.

Invite your Totem animal (the generator for the healing energies) to help you. Allow that this animal helps you. Then you ask if you can do something for your Totem animal. Visualize that you have and/or can do what the animal wants and give it. Now you can send your totem animal back to the Earth, or if it feels good for you, you can also let it take a place somewhere in your body. With every healing the totem power of animals is at your disposal.

At last let flow the ultimate approval and sense of well being in this pain spot.


2nd Lightbody: Dolphin Matrix & The Stellar Gateway / Icosahedron (water)

These gates are working on your feelings, your emotions. The separation in the water elemental is sorrow and grief. We transform sorrow and grief into love and joy (gladness). Feel all your grief as a call made upon you to send joy back. Feel that grief opens you up to let you see which beauty, talent and/or gift you miss the most. (The bigger your consciousness gets the better you can feel what you or the group need). Always stay an onlooker/observer, and so you can transform/convert sorrow and grief into beauty and joy. Invite Archangel Gabriel and ask for assistance.

Connect your water, blood and emotions with the water of the Earth, the emotions and the Divine Feeling of Mother Earth in the Dolphin Matrix. Invite the dolphins to work with you. Give them permission to massage your hearth chakra. Let rays of light come out of all your cells and let them stream into the Dolphin Matrix. Call your totem plant!

Now connect your water, blood and emotions with the Stellar Gateway and through the Moon with all the water of the galaxy. Also this gateway will connect you with all your other soul-essences in this galaxy.

Exercise: Feel where in your body the grief is and go with all you’re loving attention to this spot. Let the energies of the Dolphin Matrix and the Stellar Gateway stream in, through and around your grief spot and out again. Visualize around this spot the Icosahedron and let it spin. Enjoy your grief and enjoy your in and out breathing through this spot.

Invite your totem plant and feel that the deva of this plant wants to help you to merge with your grief. Let this happen. Smell, hear, taste and/or feel this plant and go into a silent communication with this totem plant, and trust the answers that you receive. Thank the plant and ask what you can do something for him/her and than give it. Let your totem plant go back to the Earth or if it feels good give it a place somewhere in your body.

Allow that the grief will be transformed into an ecstatic merging with your feelings and emotions and how the joy from the pure, innocent playing child in your water comes back, and as a result how your grief flows away. When your grief stays, look than what kind of a gift or talent you are missing. Fill and surround yourself with this quality and let it again become one with your water.

If you like more information about this workshop or if you would like to invite Angelina to give this workshop in your area, please click here.

White Time Healing Headteacher of Germany fully trained by Channie Cha Centara Ambasatrice for Earth.