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Message from Ascended Master
Kuthumi to the World

Transmission received by Dr Norma Milanovich, July 20, 1994

Greetings, Kuthumi. I center myself with the Light and Love of Sananda and request that you provide information regarding the Celestial Plan for the world and the role that key countries play in its unfoldment. Please transmit the necessary information that will help others understand this plan at this time.

Good day, oh Daughter of Light. It is I, Kuthumi, coming through to respond to your request. I come on the wings of a dove, and celebrate the victory of peace and love that is surely to befall the planet. The Tribunal Council of the Galactic Command offers the peacemakers of Earth the olive branch in exchange for the harmony and Light that they continue to bring to Earth.

There are three Councils of Light that collectively bring the information that I am about to impart. They are:

The Council of Light from Lyra

The Council of Light from Orion

The Council of the Trinity from Pegasus

These bodies of Celestial Beings direct the information that I share, and are the coordinates of the plan that is presently being implemented to raise Earth’s vibrations into the higher dimensions. They are one in their vision and hold the flame of perpetual love in their hearts as they move with the God Force to assure that victory shall be realized.

You ask about the Celestial Plan presently being implemented that is designed to increase the vibrational patterns for individuals residing on the surface of the planet. We are pleased to provide the basic ingredients that will assist you to understand the complexities of this operation. Included also is a description of the significance of each country’s role. I shall reveal today only seven countries and their roles in the Celestial Plan. These seven are the main players for the evolutionary leaps of consciousness that shall occur over the next six years.

The seven countries that play the key roles for the Command are:

The United States of America





The Netherlands


These areas of the world are all aligned with Polaris and connect on the etheric to the higher Councils of Light. There are old souls who have chosen to embody in each of these areas that have awakened, and are presently moving the currents of energy through the Light tunnels that support the movement of the stars that are connected to the Merkabahs overhead. The souls that continue to network from these areas of the world will from a leadership line that will provide information to the masses that will be clear, pure and truthful. These souls are already moving into position with the support groups around them to assure that the lines of Light from the Celestial Father and Mother are indeed strong and that all the information that will be transmitted will be of the highest integrity.

The more that individuals from these countries can connect during the next several months the stronger the Light lines will become. Therefore, NOW IS THE TIME to strengthen all networks and connect with the third eyes and heart centers. This is the time in the cosmic stream of consciousness that supports the love and understanding of all sentient beings who have come together to fulfill God’s Plan on Earth. Consequently, it is the moment to realize the connection within through the spirit of the Higher Self, and to work cooperatively to bring the plan into consciousness for the world.

The leadership of these seven countries shall move to the forefront to organize efforts within these counties that will begin to supply the nations of the world with the information necessary to bring the Light and vibration into consciousness. In order to complete this step of the process, each county has a different mission, and we highlight them here at this time.

  1. The mission of the United States is to be the voice of the Command. This means that the information will flow more freely into and from the United States than any other county in the world. This focus will allow many to receive the knowledge, and they should focus their efforts on distributing the information to select individuals and the appropriate sources especially worldwide. This does not mean that others who reside in other countries and who receive excellent information are invalid or will not continue to receive information. By offering this directive, we refer to only the basic plan and indicate how this plan will best facilitate the Celestial operations destined to touch Earth. Therefore, we ask for cooperation and understanding in fulfilling these actions, and if cooperation is received, it is deemed that all work and rewards will be expedited.

    As a result of this primary purpose, the spiritual Light workers from the united States have a responsibility to travel to other countries during these developmental years and to assist in processing the information. The primary purpose fort the United States is to process information.

  2. The mission of the England is to be the Heart of the Command. The heart rules the force that flows through consciousness, bringing life to all around. It is England’s responsibility to hold this force in check for the world, and this can be accomplished through the ley lines and gridlines that are activated in and near Wilshire area. Stonehenge is the primary focal point for this activity and will continue to be so for the next 1,000 years.
  3. England’s role is to organize the information coming from the united States fort the European community and Australia, and to facilitate more training sessions and networks that would otherwise not be possible. Their purpose is to organize the networkers and leaders in Europe and Australia to assist them to facilitate the awakening that is soon to embrace the planet.

    The connections between the United States and England are strong and will continue to develop, thus facilitating the information flow. Therefore the responsibility for England is to work with their neighbors to the south to assist them to prepare for the awakening that will emanate from the work completed in Sweden in the next few years.

    Sweden’s role is to be the consciousness of the world. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the quickening process of accelerating Light frequencies within individuals, first through Sweden and then through Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. By 1996, the Lightworkers from Sweden shall be responsible for the awakening one quarter of the world’s population, just by the energy they produce, first in that country and then in other parts of the world. In so doing, the world’s membership of the Order of Melchizedek shall be more strongly connected to the Merkabah, which shall facilitate total activation of the electromagnetic gridline by 1997.

    What this means in practical terms is that the souls of Sweden are responsible for focussing the dream and holding it. The packages they produce will be used by the masses to facilitate the awakening in many languages, especially through the Scandinavian counties. Using the portal that is opening over Sweden, the leadership can grow in strength, and is destined to connect through computerized networks to all other designated countries on Earth.

  4. Canada’s mission is to become the breath of life for the Command. In this role, the inhabitants will speak of commitment for the world and will organize the masses into the stream of consciousness that will facilitate the leap of Light over the North Pole into the higher terrain’s of Russia.
  5. The souls of Canada will be responsible for deciphering the details of the plan that defferentiate between religious influences that have kept individuals powerless over the centuries. They shall initiate the processes for accelerating Light frequencies into your Light Bodies and will understand how to do this by the year 1996. Some are beginning to theorize how this is to be done, but none have fully captured the process because it is not time to do so. This action, once fully realized, will breathe the breath of life into the soul, which is what the Spiritual Warriors of Canada have long been waiting for.

  6. The mission of Brazil is to become the Hands for the world. TheInhabitants of this beautiful country are destined to work with the masses to show the way of incorporating spiritual beliefs and truths into everyday life. Once the leadership of Brazil has been fully awakened (after the other four movements described above are in place), these radiant Light Beings shall move quickly to assist the world in rebuilding. Their primary influence shall touch all of South America, the South Pacific, and the South Pole.
  7. Up until this time, most of the work that shall be accomplished will be through words, consciousness, and the connections to the heart and will. These initial efforts will raise the Light frequency to a point enabling the members of the Order of Melchizedek in South America to then bring through the plans for rebuilding the structures and systems for life. This is destined to commence by the year 1997, and it will be the inhabitants of Brazil that will be positioned in leadership to assure that this will become reality. The Lightworkers of Brazil will work with the masses worldwide, by forming teams of Lightworkers who will move, at a moment’s notice, to different locations to provide assistance where needed.

    Presently, their chief tasks are to (1) awaken and connect to the membership of these other countries, (2) connect on both the electronic and electromagnetic gridlines, and then (3) hold this position for the reality yet to come.

  8. The mission of the Netherlands is to be the shield for the Command. They are likened to the immune system of the individual. In this role the Lightworkers from this great land shall hold the Sword of Archangel Michael for the world and assist in defending the masses from evil. They are to carry Light and Will from England, the information from America, the consciousness and awakening from Sweden, the plan from Brazil, and hold the all in safekeeping for China.

It will be the inhabitants from the Netherlands who shall eventually touch the heart and soul of China. They must have the total picture before this can be done. Their mission in the future, and after the year 1997, is to awaken China, and this shall be completed using the entire movement that will be orchestrated for the Command, linking through the Legion of Lightworkers in the Netherlands. Therefore, it is essential that all countries realize this in the beginning and that the Netherlands be supported in fulfilling this vital role for the future.


---7. The mission of Mexico is to ground the spiritual truths in the Light

and to share this radiance with the inhabitants not only in Mexico, but also in other parts of the world as well. Primary areas that will be touched by their energies will be Africa, India, and Indonesia. Mexico will grow in its power after the year 1998, and will connect with other nations of dignity to establish the interconnections necessary to raise the vibrational frequencies of these beloved lands.

As stated, Mexico is considered to be the grounder for the plan, and will serve to complete this mission through the Mayan sacred grounds in the Yucatan. They are likened tot he Plumed Serpent that has the vision and dedication of the eagle and the symbolism of the Divine. They shall be teachers of children all over the world and will embrace the Spiritual Beings of Light who are destined to bring many gifts of love to the lands. Many great leaders shall come forward out of this country who are destined to walk on foreign lands to heal the hearts and souls of the masses.

The Spiritual Warriors shall use all the worldwide connections to facilitate their actions. In their role as grounders, they shall also be the evaluators of the Celestial Plan.

We have provided an outline for the Celestial Plan that is presently being implemented on Earth. It is only a conceptual plan, but the information contained within will resonate with the leadership whose eyes are destined to see. Once the resonance of these words reaches the consciousness of the Spiritual Lightworkers in each of the locations, they will understand what it is they need to do. All decoding is placed within the DNA of these beings of Light through the universal Language of Light Symbolism. Once activated, God’s Will shall be done.

We thank for this opportunity to relay this information to our Colleagues of the Celestial Command. As always it is a pleasure to assist.

To those who read these words, we invite you to come to the Temple of the Violet Flame in the Great Central Sun for more instruction on what this all means. Ask through your Higher Selves to be taken in the Dream State to this magnificent Temple of Light and Love. When you do, we will meet you at the gateway to assure that admittance will include the proper protocol. All who ask admittance shall receive the blessings of the Dove.


I now close this transmission of peace and good will.

Good day in the Light of the Most Radiant One.
I AM Kuthumi, known as the World Teacher for the Millennium.

White Time Healing Headteacher of Germany fully trained by Channie Cha Centara Ambasatrice for Earth.