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Archetypes are symbols that work over all times, from the start of the universe until now. They work in the consciousness of all human beings. Two very good examples are the Cross and the Om symbols.
These Archetype symbols are keys that allow us to go into all systems of humankind: physical, emotional, mental and etheric.
It gives you also the possibility to look at the karma that people carry with them and will make it easier for them to deal with it, which is a tremendous help. Basically you renovate the stairs of karma: the Tree of Life, 32 steps.
You can use the Archetype techniques with everything that exists; minerals, plants, animals, medicaments, human, Mother Earth, the whole universe.

The Archetypes will always give you the exact information that you need to improve that what you want to improve or what needs to be improved.

You will get Light Gloves, which will make your hands more sensible to feel the Archetypes.
You will get the sense that you really feel something in your hands, like a material thing, like a table, a chair, a cup or a pencil.

With the Archetype healing, you take from the blueprint of that person the whole information, the Archetype of that what you are investigating. You take this symbol and when you feel that something is less than perfect, you redesign it and make it perfect again and bring it back into the body. So you work direct in the blueprint from that what you are looking at and you will heal it when this is necessary, and bring it back to the original perfect blueprint as it was mend to be, as God designed it.

Now as I got my first Reiki treatment for 17 years ago and my first Reiki initiation, I had the feeling that everybody should have Reiki in their first aid kid, because it is present in everybody, it only needs to be activated. Once activate it is of such a tremendous practical help. That same feeling I have now with the Archetype healing techniques. You know why? Because it will provide you with a lot of practical information. You know immediately what is not in perfect order. You immediately can adjust it and give the right blueprint back. You have immediate results. For example, as I got the first treatment from Victoria in Spain, I had sometimes a sincere heartburn and a very sore liver. I didn't tell her anything! She did her general inspection and had "scanned" already my Light bodies, brains, lungs and heart as she came to my stomach where she said, "You have heartburn don't you, no wonder, your stomach is too long", and she made it shorter. I felt this instantly. Than, as she came to my liver she said: "This liver is very weak, it's not good anymore, so I will take it away and give you a new one". There I sat, looking at her as she made those designs in the air, very quickly and precise and got a new liver. She said I would have to come back one more time because the tissue around your new liver needs to get another empowerment so it can accept this new liver quicker and easier. After this I never had a sour liver again and was never tired again like I was before so many times.

For you healers, helpers, assistants to help human kind back into their own empowerment, back to their own mastery, back to their natural state of God Beings, this is an enormous help. The time that you would need with Reiki and/or other tools to transform this could take hours, days, months or even longer. Now you have maximum one hour to do this general check and bring back in the original blueprint. The rest of the treatments you can concentrate on bringing their consciousness to that level that they understand that they are God Beings, who can create their own reality and also can create their own health by living the Universal Laws of Love.

Namaste! I greet the God in You!

White Time Healing Headteacher of Germany fully trained by Channie Cha Centara Ambasatrice for Earth.